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The fee for a commission will depend on size and subject matter, on the quality of the reference photograph(s) supplied by the client, and on what research and other preparatory work may be required prior to execution.

For a drawing on A3 size paper (29.7x42cm) I typically charge £ 185.00, this includes cost of delivery or postage within the UK. I can have it mounted (but not framed) for that price, too, but it may make posting prohibitive due to size. I will check the options and update the information on here as I obtain it. A fixed fee will be agreed between the artist and the client before work is started.

Drawings are usually executed on cartridge paper or card, or on smooth watercolour paper or card. My medium of choice is a range of graphite pencils in varying degrees of softness and thicknesses.

To arrange a commission or ask any questions which remain, contact me via email on SonjaMcAlister@aol.com or on my mobile 07990 680012.

If you could keep text messages to my mobile number reasonably short, that would be much appreciated. My mobile is an old lady and gets a bit flustered when messages are too long or contain images. Email is better for that purpose (or even old fashioned snail mail), or you can call me to discuss matters (during social hours only).

Other means of contacting me are via Facebook, G+, Twitter, and my Wordpress blog, - click on one of the links below and you will be taken to the chosen site. The links open in a separate window so you won't loose your place here.

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