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These are links to some websites which you might find as interesting or helpful as I do. Just click on the bold links below to open website in new window. But before you go surfing, please be sure to read my disclaimer.
Promotional film. Lifeplus - for people who are interested in all aspects of their wellbeing. Sarina Stützer MA, German author and proof reader, who also happens to be my kid sister, so yes, I'm biased, but she IS good! While I can give the odd bit of assistance to anyone struggling with their German language skills in this part of Scotland, Checkpoint Deutsch may be of interest for those of you in the Peterborough area who wish to learn German with a very capable native speaker. GreatArt – The UK’s largest range of quality art materials. A very helpful site for total html novices like myself. ...and another useful site with lots of information on website building. Cards with a Difference: lovingly created using stamped and computer printed images and added embellishments

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