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My name is Sonja and I live with my family in this most beautiful and majestic of countries, Scotland, - in Moray, to be more precise.

I have been creative since my childhood days, and, while largely self taught as an artist, I have utilised many opportunities to broaden my knowledge and experience over the years. Various interests have kept me busy throughout my life, with handcrafting greeting cards, glass painting and calligraphy taking up considerable chunks of time. Nowadays I concentrate on drawing and portraiture using graphite pencil and occasionally charcoal.

Currently, I am mainly commissioned to execute pencil portraits of people, pets and other animals, or a combination of those, which I create from photographs. However, I am always happy to discuss different types of work if so requested and I have been able to produce some interesting pieces in the past. An extensive portfolio of works is available to view, as well as a number of client testimonials, all of which show that the description of my portraits as stunning and true-to-life is no exaggeration.

Enjoy browsing this site and be sure to include the gallery in your travels!

Update :
You can now follow me on Twitter : www.twitter.com/shadedfaces

Or you can like me on Facebook : www.facebook.com/shadedfaces

And you can also follow my blog : www.shadedfaces.wordpress.com

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